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Creativity Works Better Together

Here at LUMACAL, we believe software should be honest, open and collaborative.

That's why we provide all our community code publicly; Developers can program it, users can run it and new coders can learn, together!

Join us, be a part of something big and make your mark.

About Us

LUMACAL was created in the Spring of 2018 by its founder Luke Rose, basing the company name on the three people responsible for contributing to the early stages of the project: LUke Rose, MAtthew Mansell and CALlum Berger.

The aim of the company is to provide a resource for the curious; a point of collaboration for the creative and a place for coders, one and all. We don't like to put a price on knowledge or education and believe that people work better together. That's why we facilitate working together to create something amazing!

Meet the Family

Managing Directors

Luke Rose, Founder & Managing Director

Luke Rose

Founder & Managing Director

Samual Locklin-Wood, Deputy Managing Director

Samual Locklin-Wood

Deputy Managing Director

Our Team

Jemma Rose, Freelance Graphic Designer

Jemma Rose

Freelance Graphic Designer